spring & summer

Yummy dishes between friends

Colorful menu

Maryse's green pea Vichyssoise with its mint infusion

Christine's Moroccan chicken tajine with lemons and olives

Armelle's rhubarb and strawberry crumble

Last minute friendly meal

Apple & goat cheese mini tarts

Fancy Caprese salad

Spicy peanut sauce beef

Strawberry, mango, & blueberry salad 

refreshing & no cooking required

chilling after the beach

Zita's sardines spread 

Maryse's tapenade

Lauran's Ceasar salad

Peach & red berries

Elegant dinner

Heatwave special

Mint & cucumber mousse

 My Beef tataki

Kiwis, mangoes, & nectarines salad

Girls night out dinner

Andalouse Gazpacho

Lentil salad with shallots

Scrumptious lava cake

Summer family dinner

Chantal's finger food

Salted cod accras/beignets

Filet of duck with plump sauce

Anne Sophie's tiramisu ice cream

Outdoor Dining in no time

Green pea Vichyssoise with its mint infusion

Mussels in white wine with garlic toasts

Fruit salad

Very simple and easy to prepare

Bite-size cantaloupe and feta skewers

Avocado duo with gravlax

Goat cheese tomato and zucchini quiche

Summer brunch 

High vitamin fruit cocktail

Soft boiled eggs

Blueberry smoothie 

Chocolate cake bites