My French Flag Cocktail

Mapie's great idea

Barmen : Flo, Marc & Patrick

Translation : Catherine

This cocktail will always remain the symbol for the victory of France in the world soccer championship's final on 15th of July  2018. Happy memories of great time shared with the French people united in joy.

Equipment & ingredients  :

  • a large syringe

  • some nice small glasses

  • strawberry syrup

  • Pina Colada

  • blue curaçao

  • white rum 

  • ice

The preparation is done at the last minute. The ingredients must be at very cool temperature and you need to chill the cocktail glass beforehand for between 15 and 20 minutes in the freezer.

Just before serving, mix in a glass the blue curaçao and the rum until you have a homogeneous mixture, set aside. Use a large syringe to fill the glass with the chilled  ingredients to keep the glass neat. Start with the strawberry syrup for the red bottom in the glass. Then pour the white Pina Colada. For the blue use the mix of blue coraçao and white rum.

This drink should be served very chilled with a straw.

Your guests can fill in the drink with ice if they want.