Fish & Seafood

Prepare this dish with the freshest ingredients possible, especially the raw fish. Poke bowls are a Hawaiian tradition.

It's a Scandinavian classic recipe. It makes a stunning party platter if you serve it up appetizer-style.

A tasty and delicious meal ready in less than 20 minutes !

Karin like to use chunks of crab rather than crumbs...As a main dish this recipe serves 4 to 6 people.

Quite easy to prepare in advance. Just slice it before serving. 

Marinating time : 30 minutes. Quickly prepared if you get help of another person. Very easy.

Easy but for aficionados only 😉. It takes time!

Don't hesitate to swap pumpkin for squash. Use a nice au gratin dish, put it directly on the table for style. Your guests will have the pleasure to go for seconds!

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