Caroline's Apple Crumble

preparation : 15 minutes
cooking : 35 minutes environ
very easy
for 8 personnes

Ingredients :

  • 5 apples (around 500gr peeled Cox or Bramley for example) 

  • 3 pears 

  • 5 figs

  • 125 gr brown sugar

  • 1 handful of crushed hazelnuts and/or almond

  • 200 gr flour

  • 150 gr salted butter

Preparation :

To make the topping, rub the butter, flour, sugar, haselnuts and almond together until they resemble big breadcrumbs. Heat the oven to 210°. In a large and open dish, mix the apples and pears (peeled, cored and cut in 4) with the figs cut in 2. Top with the crumble mixture. Bake for 35 minutes or until golden and crunchy top. The fruits need to boil a little too. 

Wait 1/2 hour before eating it. Lukewarm or cold it's perfect. You can serve it alone or with custard, ice cream or cream.

Sometime I use only apples, it's delicious too. You can prepare the topping ahead and keep it in the fridge many days. But you may also use the topping to jazz up any fruity filling!