Cake, Pudding, Crêpe & Co

A moist and rich cake prepared with over-ripe bananas. Here two easy recipes . You just have to choose. I love both of them !

It's a small French pasty flavored with rum and vanilla well known in the South-Ouest. Pronounce CAN-EH-LAY😉

Being individual make a great simple dessert for a dinner party😉. 

This is the perfect dessert for a celebration meal.  As you will make the recipe the day before, it will give you plenty of time to concentrate on the rest of the menu.

They are so popular in France that the French even have a day dedicated to them : "La Chandeleur"! On the 2nd of February the whole country eats crêpes.

Buying  a very good meringue readymade means that you can whip this traditional English dessert up in minutes.

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