About me

What to say

I'm French native, I have loved to cook all my life. I enjoy having company over and detailed presentation. I like sharing my cooking technique and recipes. I also love taking pictures. I was born in Charente region, South-West of France. I have spanish and West Indies origins. I have 3 sons, a daughter-in-law, and a dog (a cairn terrier). I have lived in Bordeaux,  Philadelphia, Paris, New Caledonia and Belgium with my husband. Now we have settled down in London.

My cooking

I developed my cooking skills in various ways throughout the years. Today I regularly use the mixer, my precious Thermomix but also my siphon. I not only like traditional french cuisine but also exotic cooking. I have a simple oven and gaz and induction burners. I encourage you to adapt your cooking process if you have electric or vitro ceramic. I enjoy cooking light, on instinct and depending on the ingredients I have in my kitchen. It happens that sometime I mess up... I have being making jam for ten years. Give it a try, it's funny, rewarding and delicious.

My website content

I personally tasted every dish you'll find on that website. The photos are taking by me with a few exceptions, Laura Geerts, a very talented professional photographer in Brussels, Blanche Lancrey Javal a very skilled amateur photographer, Julien, Alexandre, Marc, Audrey et Diane for the Travel part.

My closed friend and family give me advice after trying my recipes. They are sometime from family, most of them come from friends or are inspired from magazines. With their agreements I also have famous chief's recipes.

My recipes are by category and by level of difficulty. All my dishes pictures are in the index which could be useful.

If you have questions don't hesitate to send me an email. My address is lesmenusplaisir@gmail.com.